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Concrete Remedial Group

Returning Longevity to Concrete Structures

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Concrete Remedial Group's Photo Gallery

Penetration Seal Penetration Seal Before Recent penetration repair carried out in St Kilda area in a car park below the water table and subjected to tidal movement. Causing a consistent flow of water into the car park. The penetrations were 300mm core hole through the bore piers back to the earth behind. 206086182 After repair Specialised repair method was applied leaving both penetrations dry on the day. 206086183 Before 206086184 After Repair 206086185 Before I was called out to a job I completed over a year ago for a potential failure. As I have never had a failure of this particular repair system over the years I have been doing specialised repairs, I returned to fix the issue. 206086311 Before 206086312 On inspection it was found the form work above the penetration was filled with expansion foam and water was leaking down the front over the previous repair. 206086313 206086314 After Repair 206086315 After Repair A similar penetration seal repair was installed and the job was sealed watertight. 206086316 Before Penetration seal was completed recently which had a consistent ground water flow into a sub level basement. 206086317 206086318 206086319 206086320 206086321 After Repair 206086322