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Concrete Remedial Group

Returning Longevity to Concrete Structures

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Concrete Remedial Group's Photo Gallery

Polyurathane Injection Polyurathane Injection Polyurathane Injection 205179749 Polyurathane Injection Polyurethane crack injection was used to stop water ingress passing through the construction joints in a build below the water table. 205179747 Polyurathane Injection 205179748 Polyurethane injection, Concrete repair with water ingress and penetration seal Another recent job done by CRG for a major construction builder had some issues in there basement level 2. The shot-crete had not been finished off by the contractor and as a result had water ingess coming into their car park. 206086156 206086157 206086158 After Repair CRG shut down the water, installed a penetration seal, treated the exposed steel and rebuilt the area back to profile. 206086159 Before Exposed strip drains 206086160 206086161 206086162 After Repair 206086163 Before Void patching 206086164 After Repair 206086165 Polyurethane injection was also done in a construction joint where water was also leaking through, and tidy up a few loose ends. 206086166